Procter & Gamble
Digital Design Co-Op 
September — December 2022

Co-Op OverviewAs a co-op at Procter & Gamble I worked in Fabric Care Innovation Design (FCID) in Cincinnati within the digital design department. FCID is a part of the Research and Development sector, so many of the products I was working on have not yet hit the market. Because of this, most of what I created during my time must remain confidential. However, my largest project - creating a digital portfolio for FCID - is highlighted on this page. Please reach out to ask me more about my experience working with user testing, app design, and ad development! 

Programs & Sources: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma

FCID Digital Portfolio

Fabric Care’s digital innovation team strives to make the consumer’s laundry experience more convenient and more rewarding, while creating new-to-the-world products and experiences.

This portfolio was designed to encapsulate all of the digital work that FCID’s digital team has completed in the past, with the intention of updating it as more projects are finished.
The projects and content featured in the portfolio were designed by Jason Tetdman, Alex Kirkland, and Emily Buck with contributions from previous co-ops, Maggie Daigle and Amanda Casey.

You can click through the Figma prototype here︎︎︎


To gain a better understanding of how to set up the design portfolio, I first performed an audit of exisiting portfolios. I specifically was looking at project pages and then gallery pages

Information Architecture
Developing the structure of FCID’s portfolio involved making a grand list of all the projects ever created within FCID, then editing down the list to determine which projects best display the talent and unique skill level of our digital designers.

Mood Board
Applying FCID branding by use of color, texture, and graphic elements. The team wanted to integrate the idea of fabric and woven
threads, since this branding represents the Fabric Care sector. The orange is a nod to Fabric Care’s most popular brand, Tide.

The wireframing set up was largely based on P&G’s existing corporate design portfolio created
by Alyssa Downs with adaptations made to fit the unique structure of FCID. 

User Interface
Using the wireframes as a blueprint, I began filling in the content with images and copywriting. I then applied the style guide
and FCID branding to look visually appealing while still communicating the process of each project.

Bringing the User Interface to life, integrating microanimations, and ensuring that the user has a clear and concise experience.

Final Portfolio
Video walkthroughs to present FCID‘s full scope of work to Business Units and other potential partners

View Home Screen and overview of portfolio

View Walkthrough of UX/UI at P&G, Team, Process, and Projects Tabs

View Tide x Charlie Banana PDP Page

View Tide Laundromat
PDP Page

  • Gained a better understanding of Figma’s capabilities and how to use it to my advantage (ex: microanimations)
  • Understood the scope of work within digital at FCID to see where I may fit in
  • Improved work relationships through consistent communication with members of the team

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